The Paper Cinema's Odyssey

The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey is the company’s first feature length film and is based on Homer’s Odyssey. Building on their past projects over the last seven years, this show see’s The Paper Cinema evolve all aspects of the performance to bring you their most ambitious work to date.
A troupe of multi-instrumentalists perform an orchestrated score, including all sound effects, producing an immersive soundtrack. The puppeteers use multiple cameras to augment their range of visual storytelling techniques, bring the 2D drawings to life to create an ambitious, richly textured show. Capturing the fast passed action and movement as the story unfolds audiences are able to watch the entire workings of the show before their eyes.
The Paper Cinema chose the story of The Odyssey because of the exciting challenge of adapting such a cornerstone of literature. Creating an epic for the big screen within which holds an intimate family story- the everyday story gods and monsters.


The Paper Cinema's Odyssey Autumn Tour Flyer

The Public Reviews (Bristol) - ★★★★
Telegraph (Battersea Arts Centre) - ★★★★
The Times (Battersea Arts Centre) - ★★★★
The Scotsman (Edinburgh) - ★★★★
The Guardian (Edinburgh) -

Paper Cinema - BAC - James Allan-1
The Paper Cinema's Odyssey at Battersea Arts Centre in February 2012