The Festival Has Begun

Apologies for not posting any updates recently, I have been very busy preparing several shows for the Edinburgh Fringe 2014, which officially started yesterday. It’s lovely being back up here again, and I have the privilege to work on some very exciting shows. The shows up this year which I’m involved with are:

Hayley Ellis “We Need To Talk About Kevin”


Loser at life and winner at losing Hayley Ellis presents her debut hour of stand-up about love, loss and a little Lhasa Apso dog called Kevin. Fresh from supporting Roisin Conaty on tour, award-winning Ellis lets you in on her loves, losses and life-lessons learnt from a little Lhasa Apso dog. A regular MC around the UK, Hayley's warmth and girl-next-door charm make her impossible to dislike. And then there's Kevin. We really need to talk about him. ‘Hayley Ellis is fast becoming Manchester's funniest female’ (Steve Wright, Radio 2).

Tommy Rowson “Down and Out in Powys and London”


Debut show from So You Think You're Funny? Winner 2011 and BBC New Comedy Finalist 2012 Tommy Rowson. Join Tommy as he tells tales from Wales and London featuring bordello belles, vagabonds, vagrants, swindlers, bindlers, drunks, drifters, drug dealers and Jesus. Warning: Contains poetry. 'A distinctive voice. This Welsh weirdo creates a quirky, oddball world - but one with which the rest of us can still easily identify. The anecdotes are full of detailed aside and delivered with perfectly-judged timing' Steve Bennett (

Alex Horne “Monsieur Butterfly”


Stupidly ambitious, logistically problematic, potentially disastrous, this is the show Alex Horne has wanted to make for a decade. Finally, he will be Monsieur Butterfly. One flap of his delicate wings, and mayhem may prevail. ‘A terrific, high-concept comedy show, intricately constructed and forever whipping the rug out from under us’ (Guardian). ‘An understated feat of choreography that once again proves Horne to be one of the most inventive comics on the Fringe. It's also extremely funny’ (Observer). ‘Bathing in brilliance’ (Independent).

Horne Section “Milk The Tenderness”


Alex Horne and his marvellous musicians return to the mother-cow hungrier, thirstier and a year older than in 2013, with a brand new show featuring songs, guests, tenderness and milk. ‘A riotous splicing of live music and comedy’ (Observer). ‘This is a thought-provoking, anarchic and wildly entertaining welding of stand-up comedy and big band music’ (Guardian). ‘The finest way to spend a late night at the Fringe’ (Independent). ‘Like a maestro of musical mayhem, Horne conducts this blend of comedy, audience banter and songs with chaotic ease’ (Mail on Sunday).

I Killed Rasputin


A new play by Richard Herring. American journalist EM Halliday visits the aged Russian Prince and conspirator in the murder of Rasputin, Felix Yusupov, improbably still alive in 1967. The former richest man in Russia, now reduced to making money from his tall tale, is haunted by the Mad Monk, who even 50 years on refuses to die. Will Yusupov finally reveal the truth? ‘I don't know of an instant in modern history where so many reputable as well as disreputable historians have solemnly repeated such a patently improbable story as if it were gospel’ (EM Halliday).



Fringe First winners return with the heart-breaking tale of the first human mission to another planet. Set in the near future, a maverick Dutch space flight director, far from home, contemplates an error which will cost her everything. An international team is assembled to venture the 52 million miles across our vast solar system. Using a breath-taking combination of video design and movement Pioneer takes audiences on a whirlwind journey through a deep sea simulation chamber, nightclubs, mission control and back to a quiet beach looking up at the night sky. ‘Rigorous, inventive and intelligent…bright young company’ (Guardian).

Al Murry “The Pub Landlord’s Summer Saloon”


The nation's favourite pub philosopher turns pop-up publican and invites you to his jumped up tent saloon. Serving up a host of special guests each night, comedy, variety and music are all on tap in this headline show led by the ringmaster of rabble rousing. 'Wickedly witty stuff' (Telegraph).

Alex Horne “The Percentage Game”


Here's the plan: exactly one hundred people come to the event. These people both watch and take part in the show. Remember, one of these people could be you. Alex will conduct these people and an experiment, to enlighten and entertain, whilst exploring the always hilarious world of statistics. Part game, part social study, one hundred percent fun. ‘Horne provides one of the smartest and most original performances you're likely to see this year. Book it now’ (Shortlist).

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