Out Of Bread and Beer

And it’s over, after 2 years of performing, John Barleycorn finally went back underground last week as Tristan Bernays performed “The Bread and the Beer” for the last time as part of the Vaults Festival in Waterloo. It has been an absolute pleasure working on this show, and I am sad it is over. Play scripts are still available from www.thebreadandthebeer.com

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As well as polishing and enjoying the last few performances of this show, I have also been spending my time stage managing and mixing Russell Howard’s new Work-In-Progress shows at Lock 17 every week, as well as various other clubs around London. The show is all about him trying out new material for a new TV series, and it has been lovely working in so many different comedy clubs around London of which I was unaware of. I am working with him until mid March, but unfortunately all remaining shows are already sold out. For last minute drop outs or extra tickets, keep an eye on his website at www.russell-howard.co.uk

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This week has also seen the start of the ATOMS Project! ATOMS is a show devised by Islington Community Theatre, and I am proud to be designing along side them again. After Brainstorm went down a treat at Park Theatre in January, this is a project I’ve been highly anticipating. Twenty young people (aged 13-16 years old) invite you to join them in a race to achieve. Set in a unique theatre configuration, that will feel surprisingly familiar, ATMOS asks what we’re prepared to sacrifice in order to connect in a system that rewards competition. ATMOS is a piece of First Stage Work.

Tickets at £6 and can be brought from

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