In Our Hands

For the past couple of months, I have been designing and composing for Smoking Apple’s Theatre’s latest production, In Our Hands.

Alf is a trawler fisherman whose experience, camaraderie and loyalty have put him and his boat at the top of the game. But times are changing, and so is the industry. How will Alf adapt to survive?
Follow a fish’s journey from sea to plate, watch a seagull’s ridiculous attempt to find food and witness a father and son reunite. In Our Hands will transport you out to sea, under the ocean and onto the deck of the Catcher’s Fortune.
Using innovative puppetry, a striking set and an original score, join Alf as he journeys from the depths of despair to rise again and rescue the life he loves.

The show will be performing at:

Outpost Festival, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth
14th and 15th October

Academy Of Music and Theatre Arts, Falmouth University, Falmouth
16th October

Salt Festival, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
23rd October

Suspense Puppetry Festival 2015, Little Angel Theatre
6th-8th November
19:30/15:30 and 19:30/15:30

“Beautifully visual and heartfelt” - Theatre Fullstop