The "Calm" Before The Tour

It's been another productive week around London, R&D work on curious directive's "These Bones Of Mine" is storming ahead, in terms of story, characters, story telling! It's a truly exciting process to be involved with and can't wait until showings of our recent work start to happen.

Also this week, I have been meeting with Earwig Arts and am now on board to work on the 2013 production of "The Barrier". I am very excited to be involved with this company and am looking forward to working closely with them and a brand new team.

Finally, I have also been involved with the Arcola's refurbishment, designing and installing the sound system in their Bar and Foyer, Studio 1 and Studio 2. The venue is set to open again for the new show "Dead On Her Feet" which opens 3rd October and runs until November 3rd.

Archola Studio 1 In Development

I am also only 2 days away for leaving for The Odyssey's second venue on their upcoming tour! We're heading to Cheltenham we're we will be performing at Parabola on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, before moving to Prema in Stroud on Saturday. Start booking your tickets now, this is an awesome show and well worth a watch!

Nic from Paper Cinema in Action

The Odyssey Starts

Since being back in London after the Edinburgh Festival, I have been working with "BAC" and "The Paper Cinema" as sound technician for the upcoming "Odyssey" Tour, with 18 different venues and 32 performances. A silent film is created before your eyes, set to a captivating live score from exceptional musicians.


The Paper Cinema's Odyssey (Trailer) from The Difference Engine on Vimeo.


The Odyssey is a "Paper Cinema" and "BAC" co-production, co-comissoned by "Parabola Arts Centre".

As well as preparing for the tour, I have also been doing some R&D work on a new "curious directive" show called "These Bones Of Mine". More details about this show will be available towards the end of this year/start of next year.