Edinburgh Festival 2016

For the last month I have been in Edinburgh with various different shows, it has been a fantastic month.

A huge congratulations to all the shows I worked on/with up there! Hayley Ellis, Russell Howard, Smoking Apples, Joe DeRosa, Alistair McGowan, Iain Stirling, it has been a pleasure as always and think you’ve all had an amazing year.

Now the fringe is over, I am preparing for the next part of the year. I am touring with Russell Howard again on his new material nights, composing and designing for a few different companies that I can’t mention yet, and touring with The Horne Section around the country. I’m really excited.

My home page on this site was always meant to be updated regularly to let everyone know what I’m doing, however due to the busyness of my year, I have not been able to update as much as I would have liked. Thank you for bearing with me.

However if you want to know what I’m up to, please check out my twitter at @jowalkersound or check out my youtube channel at WalkersSound. Both of these are updated much more regularly, so will be more up to date then this page.

Thanks for visiting my site!