In The Image Of You

In The Image Of You is a development laboratory project with curious directive and West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of our new work development programme, Furnace. It explores the fabric of the human body: DNA.

1952 Travelling between London, Paris and Lebanon,we follow Rosalind Franklin, the true character behind the discovery of the structure of DNA.

2012 Sally was a student of maverick geneticist, Douglas Larkin. Torn between a high paying job in biotechnology and the institution that shaped her, she speaks at a funeral paying tribute to her inspirational teacher.

The secret of life, our genetic code, is over 4 billion years old. The key to its discovery was unravelled not by Crick and Watson, but by one extraordinary woman on a rainy afternoon.


Director:   Jack Lowe
Devised By:   curious directive
Media Designer:   Jasmine Robinson
Composition:   Adam Alston