Your Last Breath

Your Last Breath was a devised piece created by up and coming movement group Curious Directive. It was performed in the King Dome during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011, and won a Fringe First Award. The devised around the idea of being frozen alive, until you enter a state of suspended animation, from which it is possible to return.

‘Trapped under thick ice after an extreme skiing accident, Anna’s body slowly freezes. Follow the tracks into the Nordic mountains, maps, myths, motherhood and a miracle of modern science. Multimedia, live score and explosive choreography piece together the human mystery of what happens in the suspension between live and death.’ -

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Production Manager:   Rhys Thomas
Company Manager:   Francesca Duncan
Director:   Jack Lowe
Devised By:   The Company
Cartographer:   Prof. Jerry Brotton
Anaesthetist:   Dr. Vassilis Athangalou
Lighting Designer:   Sherry Coenen
Set and Costume Designer:   Cai Dyfan
Media Designer:   Jasmine Robinson
Composition:   Adam Alston
Performed By:   Will Cardozo-Boohan, Karina Sugden,
Russell Woodhead, Lizzie Holmes and Gareth Taylor